Tuition and Course Information

Course information for East Texas Barber School students involves competency based practical instruction. This method allows individuals to progress at their own practical ability with theory on a scheduled basis.

Typically students complete the barber school course in approximately a year's time. Highly motivated individuals can complete the course in 9 months, and the maximum course length is 18 continuous months.

East Texas Barber School

Barber/Hair Stylist Program

The objective of the Barber/Hair Stylist program is to prepare the student to be employed in an entry-level position in the barber/hairstyling field as a Barber/Stylist after passing the State Barber Examination.

The 1500 clock hour program consists of two types of training, 180 hours of theory class that includes orientation and 1320 hours of practical services training.

Students attend theory class 6 hours each week and will normally be given a quiz/test on the material covered. There is no theory class on Saturday. Theory is taught on a modular basis to accommodate weekly start dates should the school so choose.

Barber Teacher Program

The objective of the Barber Teacher program is to become successfully employed as an entry level Barber/Stylist Instructor to teach Barber/Styling in the State of Texas. The 1000 clock hour Barber Teacher Program consists of 875 hours of teacher training techniques and 125 hours of evaluated classroom presentation.

Tuition Chart

Below you will find tuition and fee information. Please note that while current, costs are subject to change on a annual basis.

Payment Options Available

Several payment options are available for students enrolled at East Texas Barber School.

These include:

  • Payment in Full
  • Pay as You Go
  • Veteran's Benefits
  • Texas Department of Rehabilitation
  • Workforce Investment Act
  • Texas Trade Adjustment Act

Please contact us for more information about these payment options and eligibility requirements for agency assistance.

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